Extensive range of 141 Professional Salon Hair Colours

Jeval Italy Hair Colour is sold through exclusive territory distributors.

For more information, to place an order, or to locate your nearest territory distributor, please call Jeval on 02 9882 3100.

You can also download a PDF of this colour range table for easy reference.


Vibrant Violets NEW COLOURS FOR 2016!

4.22 5.22 6.22 8.2 9.2
Intense Violet Brown Light Intense Violet Brown Intense Violet Dark Blonde Light Violet Blonde Very Light Violet Blonde

Vibrant Violets Hair Colour Swatches

Natural Colours

1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0 6.0 7.0 8.0 9.0 10.0
Black Very Dark Brown Dark Brown Brown Light Brown Dark Blonde Blonde Light Blonde Very Light Blonde Ultra Light Blonde

Extra Coverage Natural Colours

1.0x 2.0x 3.0x 4.0x 5.0x 6.0x 7.0x 8.0x 9.0x 10.0x
Black Very Dark Brown Dark Brown Brown Light Brown Dark Blonde Blonde Light Blonde Very Light Blonde Ultra Light Blonde


4.1 5.1 6.1 7.1 8.1 9.1 10.1
Ash Brown Light Ash Brown Dark Ash Blonde Ash Blonde Light Ash Blonde Very Light Ash Blonde Ultra Light Ash Blonde


1.90 1.99
Blue Black Cobalt Black


4.3 5.3 6.3 7.3 8.3 9.3 10.3
Golden Brown Light Golden Brown Dark Golden Blonde Golden Blonde Light Golden Blonde Very Light Golden Blonde Ultra Light Golden Blonde

Golden Beige

7.38 8.38 9.38 10.38
Golden Beige Blonde Light Golden Beige Blonde Very Light Golden Beige Blonde Ultra Light Golden Beige Blonde

Violet Golden

7.23 8.23 9.23
Violet Golden Blonde Light Violet Golden Blonde Very Light Violet Golden Blonde


5.7 6.7 7.7 8.7
Light Tobacco Brown Dark Tobacco Blonde Tobacco Blonde Light Tobacco Blonde


4.71 4.52 5.76 5.74 6.48 6.84
Tobacco Ash Brown Mahogany Brown Tobacco Light Brown Copper Tobacco Light Brown Beige Copper Dark Blonde Copper Beige Dark Blonde


4.84 5.85 6.80 7.13 8.13 10.13
Beige Copper Brown Mahogany Beige Light Brown Natural Beige Dark Blonde Golden Ash Blonde Golden Ash Light Blonde Golden Ash Platinum Blonde


7.83 9.83 10.28
Beige Golden Blonde Golden Beige Extra Blonde Beige Platinum Blonde


3.23 5.32 6.57 7.25 8.72 9.71
Golden Iridescent Dark Brown
Iridescent Golden Light Brown
Tobacco Mahogany Dark Blonde
Mahogany Iridescent Medium Blonde
Iridescent Tobacco Medium Blonde
Ash Tobacco Very Extra Light Blonde


3.20 4.20 5.20
Dark Violet Brown Violet Brown Light Violet Brown

Copper Golden

5.43 6.43 7.43 8.43 9.43
Light Copper Golden Brown
Dark Copper Golden Blonde
Copper Golden Blonde
Light Copper Golden Blonde
Very Light Copper Golden Blonde


7.86 7.67 8.74
Red Beige Blonde
Tobacco Red Blonde
Copper Tobacco Light Blonde


5.4 6.4 7.4 8.4
Light Copper Brown Dark Copper Blonde Copper Blonde Light Copper Blonde

Mahogany Red

3.20 4.20
Mahogany Red Brown Light Mahogany Red Brown

Copper Mahogany

6.45 7.45 8.45
Dark Copper Mahogany Blonde
Copper Mahogany Blonde
Light Copper Mahogany Blonde

Deep Red

3.6 4.6 5.6 6.6 7.6 8.6
Deep Red Dark Brown
Deep Red Brown
Deep Red Light Brown
Deep Red Dark Blonde
Deep Red Blonde
Deep Red Light Blonde

Red Violet

6.62 7.62
Dark Red Violet Blonde
Red Violet Blonde

Red Copper

5.64 6.64 7.65 8.64
Light Red Copper Brown
Dark Red Copper Blonde
Red Copper Blonde
Light Red Copper Blonde

Super Lift Blonde

90.00 90.1 90.2 900.12
Super Lift Natural Blonde
Super Lift Ash Blonde
Super Lift Violet Blonde
Super Bleaching Ash Violet Blonde

Fashion Palette Range

4.27 5.13 6.29 6.38
Violet Tobacco Brown
Ash Golden Light Brown
Violet Blue Dark Blonde
Golden Beige Brown Dark Blonde

Extreme Lift Blonde

100.11 100.21 100.81 100.83
Extreme Lift Ash Blonde
Extreme Lift Violet Ash Blonde
Extreme Lift Cool Beige Blonde
Extreme Lift Golden Beige Blonde

Ultra Lift Blonde

12.01 12.11 12.12 12.21 12.62
Ultra Lift Ashen Blonde
Ultra Lift Silver Blonde
Ultra Lift Ash Pearl Blonde
Ultra Lift Pearl Blonde
Ultra Lift Rosewood Blonde


01 02 03 04 06 09
Ash Violet Golden Copper Red Blue


F21 F91 F19 F11 F10 F18 F13
Violet Ash Blue Ash
Ash Blue
Ash Ash
Ash Natural
Ash Beige
Ash Gold